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CIC Fassina
CIC Fassina & Codorníu
The origins of cava
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  • This combined tour at the Cava Interpretation Centre and Codorníu cava winery at a reduced price gives you the opportunity to make a cultural and historical journey to the origins of cava.

    Housed in a former distillery that produced wine-based spirits built in 1814, The Cava Interpretation Centre - CIC Fassina - invites you to discover the origins of Catalonia's sparkling wine: cava, the history of its vineyards and hard work, its architecture, the people of the wine industry and the spirit of celebration that have turned Sant Sadurní d'Anoia the Capital of Cava.

    Complete your experience with a stimulating tour into Codorníu winery.

    Codorníu is synonymous to the history of a family of winegrowers which dates back to the 16th C. It is the oldest family company in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. Manuel Raventós hired in 1895 the modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch  (Gaudi's coeval) to enlarge the winery. The building represents the fruitful alliance between nature and human labour but at the same time it also constitutes a stone tribute to the silence of cava. Declared National Historical-Artistic Heritage in 1976, Dodorníu ia also one of the most incredible examples of the architecture dedicated tot he elaboration and aging of cavas.

    For over a century, Codorníu has always done the second fermentation and aging in an underground cellar at just the right temperature. In 1872, Josep Raventós Fatjó produced cava for the first time in Spain following the traditional Method and using the grape varieties of the Penedes region. Establishing, in this way, a completely new industry and linking the Codorníu brand to the cava history.

  • Price
    18,40 €
  • Included services

    At the Cava Interpretation Centre you will find:

    • Guided tour.
    • Tactile screens for the visitor to discover the history, the architectural heritage and the influence of cava in the town.
    • An augmented reality game based on the vital cycle of the phylloxera insect and a 3D projection.
    • The Phylloxera Festival Room with the giant muppets that take part in the festival and a projection.
    • Visit to the old cellar of the Fassina de Can Guineu distillery to make a vivential journay on the world of cava through a large format audiovisual.
    • Cava tasting with a snack.

    At Codorníu winery you will enjoy from:

    • Welcome in the Sala Puig Hall "The Cathedral of Cava".
    • A 3D audiovisual.
    • Art Noveuau train ride around the Codorníu gardens.
    • Admission to the "Celler Gran Museum".
    • Exhibit of the traditional grape presses and fermentation machinery.
    • Table of Aromas.   
    • Descend into the underground cellars. Train ride.
  • Timetable
    From Tuesdays to Sundays. Please check availability in advance.
  • Duration

    Cava Interpretation Centre - 1,15 h
    Codorníu Winery - 1,5 h


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